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Craboo Fruit Shake
Categories:Breakfast, Desserts, Beverages, Other
Ethnic Origins:Creole, Other
Recipe Courtesy of:
 Lisa Westby
 Westwind Hotel
Craboo Cubes:

craboo fruit
sugar (to taste)

Craboo Shake:

6 frozen craboo cubes
1 large ripe plantain
1 egg
To make craboo cubes: After the fruit has been rinsed, pulse it in a food processor to separate the flesh from the seed. Then blend this with milk and sugar to taste and store in the freezer in ice cube trays.

To make the shake blend 6 frozen craboo cubes with one large ripe plantain, milk and one egg. The plantain cuts the tart taste of the craboo. Once blended and poured, grate fresh nutmeg on top and serve.
Craboo Fruit: Byrsonimia bucidaefolia produces a fruit that the local children love. In early summer while the fruits are still green I can find children in the garden climbing our tree. They are very impatient and break the branches to get to the fruit. Once ripe, the craboo drop to the ground. The fruit, a drupe 8-12 mm in diameter, is dull yellow in color with abundant flesh.

Even though it has an offensive odor, the fruits are eaten with rice, in soups, in tamales and as preserves. Children and adults alike like to smash the fruit and mix it with evaporated milk for a desert. This is still a bit too tart for me but I find the fruit does make a nice shake.

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