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Back Cohune Cabbage with Corn Tortillas

Cohune Cabbage with Corn Tortillas
Categories:Soups & Stews, Vegetarian
Ethnic Origins:Mayan
Recipe Courtesy of:
 Emeterio Sho, Na Luum Ca Village
 Maya Village Homestay Network
Cohune Cabbage:

cohune cabbage (heart of palm)
cuminos (cumin seeds)
mint leaves
black pepper
cooking oil

For Tortillas:
whole corn (uncooked)
white lime
Cut cohune cabbage into pieces, then put to boil until it gets soft. Throw away the water and put to cool. Then grind with a hand grinder (like we grind the corn with). After you finish grinding the cohune cabbage, add salt to taste. Then fry onions with cooking oil. Again, mix all ingredients altogether in the cohune cabbage. Put the pot on the fire hearth and stir the cohune cabbage that is in the pot until it is cooked. It cooks in 20 minutes.

Tortillas: Boil corn with white lime for 30 minutes. Then wash the corn for the white lime to come out. Then grind the corn two times in masa. Then wet the corn with water and mix until it comes as a dough. Take a small ball of the dough and flatten it out until it becomes very thin. Place on the comal on the fire hearth. Wait until it bakes for 3 minutes, turning as necessary. When it puffs up, it is done and ready to eat.
*Culantro is a local herb similar to cilantro. If you cannot find it, substitute fresh cilantro.
Serve with fresh corn tortillas (see recipe). Also serve your favorite drink (with or without sugar): local tea, ginger, lime juice, or coffee.

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