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Na Luum Ca

The Community of Na Luum Ca

Na Luum Ca is a Mayan name which means Mother Earth. The community of Na Luum Ca consists of 125 Mopan Mayans and is located just 35 miles from Punta Gorda. The friendly people here speak Mopan Maya, English, and some speak Spanish as well. They are primarily subsistence farmers who sell any excess produce at market when they have it. The women, in addition to their other daily activities, engage in basket weaving, textile weaving and embroidery.

Na Luum Ca has been hosting tourists and students for over 8 years. Visitors stay with families for a cultural experience. Visitors witness daily Mayan life and are welcome to participate in as many of these activities as they wish. You can make tortillas over a wood burning stove (locally called fire hearths) or go to the fields for harvest. Arrangements can also be made to listen and dance to traditional Mayan music and to view handicraft demonstrations by local women.

The closest of any of the communities to the Columbian Forest Reserve, one of the most pristine tracts of tropical forest in Central America, Na Luum Ca offers several activities for nature lovers. Tropical forest walks, a tour of medicinal plants, bird watching and other wildlife viewing treks are available. Visitors will also enjoy a tour of nearby caves.

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