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Gales Point Village

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Like a finger pointing north to the mountains, Gales Point Village is a long, singular peninsula jutting into the Southern Lagoon between Belize City and Dangriga. The village, steeped deeply in the Creole tradition, is less than ¼ mile wide and nearly 2 miles long giving it a unique, island-like feel with a spectacular view of the Maya Mountains. Also making their homes here are large number of gentle manatees and endangered hawksbill and loggerhead turtles. Although Gales Point is fairly remote and it may take a bit of effort to get here, it is well worth the trip, so plan to stay a few days.

Getting Here & Around

By Bus
The village is accessible from the Coastal Road, which is the dirt road connecting the Western Highway with the Hummingbird Highway. Inquire at the bus station for the buses that pass on the Coastal Road; there should be at least one daily. From the junction, it is about a 2-mile walk or you can hitch a ride with a passerby. If you don’t get the Coastal Road bus, you can always exit the bus at the junction of the Coastal Road and either the Western Highway or the Hummingbird Highway. From that junction, you may be able to hitch a ride with someone.

By Vehicle
Getting to Gales Point by private road is easy, although your teeth may be loosed after the drive due to the bumpy road (depends on the season). During the wet season, the Coastal Road sometimes floods between the Western Highway and the junction for Gales Point and so inquire about the condition of the road before you attempt to drive it. The Coastal Road is well-marked from both the Western Highway and the Hummingbird Highways. From the Coastal Road, there are not many junctions and the junction for Gales point is at a sharp 90 degree curve in the road, approximately half way down the road. Follow this road and you will come into the village.

By Boat
It is also possible to travel by boat from Belize City to Gales Point. Call the community telephone to inquire about these trips. Phone: ++ (501) 209-8031.

Once you are in the village, it can easily be explored by foot, bike or dory. There are few cars and so the best and least conspicuous thing to do if you drive you own vehicle is to leave it parked and walk around the village.

Accommodations & Meals

There are a few options for local lodging but it is best to check what is available once you arrive in the village.

There are a few stores and shops in the village and two restaurants serve Creole food.


Manatee Watching: The surrounding lagoon and waterways that make up the Gales Point Wildlife Sanctuary support a rich variety of marine flora that attracts the manatees. These gentle, “sea cows” breed in the waters and can best be seen floating along from a boat or canoe. Several local villagers are aiding in the conservation efforts of these large mammals.

Turtle Watching: Two species of endangered turtles, the hawksbill and loggerheads, arrive in large numbers every year to the nesting beaches at Manatee Bar at the mouth of the Manatee River. Estimates indicate that up to 12,000 hatchlings survive to populate the Caribbean from Gales Point annually.

Crocodile spotting: Another exciting option for seeing wildlife is to go on a nighttime boat ride where you can spot crocodiles and other nocturnal creatures.

Fishing: The lagoon boasts a wide variety of fish, including tarpon. As a fishing village, there is no shortage of fishermen who can assist you in finding the best spots.

Canoeing & sailing: The lagoons are ideal for paddling a local dory, a canoe or renting a small sailboat.

Windsurfing: One local resident, Mr. Andrewin, offers hourly windsurfing lessons.

Hiking: The surrounding foothills of the Maya Mountains, near Ben Loman’s Cave, offer good areas for hiking.

Caving: Located on the northwest shore of the Southern Lagoon, inside one of the limestone foothills that reach upward from the flat floor of the savannah is Ben Loman's Cave. It's an easy cave to explore and has a variety of interesting stalagmite and stalactite formations that climb and fall in curious shapes, sizes and patterns.

Drum Making & Maroon Creole Drum School: Unique to Gales Point is a traditional Creole Drumming School and Drum-making Center which is working to keep traditional Creole music alive. Situated on the side of Emmeth Young’s property is a wooden clapboard building that houses the school and workshop. Visitors need 4 days to make their drum at a cost of about US$ 125.

Other Attractions: Check out the interactive map for attractions in the area

Local Flavor

As a traditional Creole Village, there are many interesting people and musicians.

Music, Arts and Crafts in Gales Point

Interesting People in Gales Point

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