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Dangriga Town

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"Mabuiga" reads the welcome sign greeting visitors who come by bus while those traveling by plane are greeted by expanses of citrus orchards. Both of these announce your arrival to the seaside town of Dangriga.

Once called Stann Creek Town, Dangriga is the district capital and the cultural center of the Garifuna people (of Amerindian and African ancestry) who are the majority of a population of about 9,000. Wooden houses perched on stilts to catch the Caribbean breeze sit alongside coconut palms and mango trees giving the place a dreamy, tranquil air about it. With rainforests and the Maya Mountains to its west, cayes and the reef in the Caribbean east, Dangriga is a marvelous spot to spend a few days of discovery.

Getting Here & Around

By Plane
Two domestic airlines operate out of Dangriga Town, Maya Island Air and Tropic Air. Regular flights arrive and depart daily to Belize City, Placencia and Punta Gorda.

By Bus
Two bus companies, James’ Bus and Novelos Bus Line, have regular bus runs to Dangriga. The average length of the trip from Belize City to Dangriga is 2 ½ to 3 hrs however, you can enjoy the sights and sounds along the scenic Hummingbird Highway. Buses also travel from Punta Gorda and stop in Dangriga before continuing to Belmopan or Belize City.

By Vehicle
From Belize City, drive 52 miles to Belmopan via Western Highway, continuing past the monument in Belmopan and travel south along the well-marked highway for 56 miles until you reach the “Drums of my Father” monument at the roundabout. Ask anybody for directions or drive along the main street and enjoy the slow pace of Dangriga.

Getting Around
Most of the businesses, restaurants and government offices are located on St. Vincent and Commerce Streets, so getting around is most convenient on foot. Be sure to wear a hat and use sunscreen to guard against the sun and carry an umbrella for unexpected showers.

Taxis are also available and can be identified by their green license plates. Taxi fare is normally $3 US.

Money Matters & Services Provided

Three banks are located in Dangriga Town, Belize Bank, Scotia Bank and First Caribbean Bank. They each have ATMs. Click here for more information on banking services.

There are several Internet Cafés throughout the town including Griga Net Café among others. Prices range from US $3 and up per hour.

Val’s Laundry is a Laundromat which offers Internet and email service.

Stores & Shops
The downtown area has 2 large grocery stores which sell a variety of locally produced and imported goods. Many shops which sell clothing, shoes, handicraft and other miscellaneous goods line the main streets. Numerous small stores and shops are scattered throughout the town.

The market sells fresh fruit and vegetables and fish vendors come in on a regular basis with their day’s catch.

There are many small restaurants which serve a variety of local and American dishes. Below is a sample of what is available:

Belizean: Facing the river, Riverside Café as the name implies serves delicious Belizean food. This is an ideal stop especially when waiting for the boats which take passengers to Tobacco Caye and other Southern Cayes. Garifuna and other cultural dishes are prepared upon request at most restaurants. Be sure to inquire and place your order. Barbecues appear on the street side in the evening offering fresh grilled chicken served with flour tortillas, beans and coleslaw, all for about US $2.50.

Chinese: Scattered along the main streets are various Chinese restaurants which serve a variety of Chinese and American style dishes. The most popular one is Sunlight Restaurant which is adjacent to the Novelos Bus Terminal on Havana Street.

Things to Do

Cultural Tours: Includes education visits to The Gulisi Garifuna Museum, Pen Cayetano Gallery, which opens in November. Other stops of cultural interest include the Drums of my Father Monument, the National Garifuna Council headquarters, and Thomas Vincent Ramos Monument.

Visit to local craftsmen: Painter, Benjamin Nicholas, and drum maker, Austin Rodriguez, welcome visits to their studios.

Nightlife: Karaoke is popular at most bars, while the nighclubs have dances where Punta Rock - contemporary adaptation of the Punta which features electric instruments, Garifuna drums, and is danced by shaking the hips. Other Caribbean originated music can also be heard.

Marine Activities: Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, sailing, fishing, kayaking can be done of the offshore cayes and atolls south of Dangriga.

Hiking: Camping, trekking and nature trailing adventures can be arranged.

Birding: You'll encounter spectacular evidence of the many species of birds as you enter the district on the Hummingbird Highway.


Check out the interactive map for a complete list of area attractions.

Gulisi Garifuna Museum: Houses permanent displays that highlight the culture and history of the Garifuna people.

Pen Cayetano Gallery: Showcases the artwork or musician and painter, Pen Cayetano.

Garifuna Settlement Day: Celebrated on the 19th of November each year, the town bursts into color and life as Belizeans from around the country and the world meet to celebrate the reenactment of the historic Garifuna arrival to Belizean shores in 1832.


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Dangriga Town Local Flavor

With about 9,000 residents, there is no shortage of local flavor in Dangriga. This section continues to grow, and as you meet folks, drop us a line so that we can include them too!

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