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Corozal Town

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Corozal Town, the largest town of the quiet, bucolic Corozal District, exemplifies the cultural and economic transformation the region has undergone over the past 4000 years. Originally a refuge for Maya and mestizos fleeing the Caste Wars of southern Mexico, Corozal Town still provides a safe haven for travelers en route to destinations in Belize and beyond.

The town itself rests on the foundations of the ancient Maya ceremonial center of Santa Rita on the banks of the Chetumal Bay. Santa Rita most likely controlled trade routes to and from Chetumal and other Yucatan cities within present-day Mexico and Guatamala. Mayans inhabited Santa Rita from 2000 B.C. to approximately the 16th century A.D, when residents forced conquistador Alfonso Davila to leave. The city's population slowly dwindled thereafter and finally abandoned the area late in the century.

Sugarcane plantations surrounding Corozal Town provide livelihoods for many of Corozal Town's 10,000 residents. The town's surrounding attractions showcase the area's intimate relationship with this crop. The old Aventura Sugar Mill seven miles south of Corozal Town no longer processes sugar, but its main chimney reminds visitors of an industry still dominating the Corozal District. An old Spanish colonial church is also on the site. Raw cane is now processed at La Libertad and Tower Hill from January to June. Tours of these mills are available by prior arrangement in Corozal Town.

The town spreads itself around a well-landscaped park, aptly named Central Park. Government buildings, banks, a library, a small police station, and two churches immediately surround the park. Interspersed among the twenty-first century edifices sit several old "pillboxes" once used as defensive fortifications by the British during more volatile times.

A long, manicured stretch of beach linked to Central Park provides picnic tables, rain shelters, and a playground. Corozal Town also offers excellent sport fishing to anglers looking to avoid crowded shores. The largest tarpon in the country swim through the northern lagoons, rivers, and estuaries.

Corozal serves as a gateway to other surrounding destinations, especially Mexico, and therefore offers a multitude of accommodations and restaurants.

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