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Bladen Forest Reserve
& Belize Foundation
for Research and Environmental Education (BFREE)

Getting Here & Around | Activities

Location: Mile 59 Southern Highway, Forest Hill, Bladen Toledo District

The Bladen Nature Reserve has the highest category of protection in Belize. Activities, therefore, are limited to scientific research and education. A permit is required for entrance to the reserve.

At the edge of the Nature Reserve is BFREE: Belize Foundation for Research and Environmental Education. BFREE borders over 1 million acres of protected area and they serve as the gateway and headquarters for all activities in these areas. Visitors are welcome at BFREE where they have access to the private protected area where there are similar habitats and activities to the adjacent highly protected areas.

BFREE specializes in the accommodation of researchers and student groups, and also welcomes visitors interested in conservation, sustainable living, and the study and appreciation of tropical rainforests.

Historically, the area was little used and undisturbed. Until the research station was established in 1995, there were no people living in this area since the ancient Maya. The area is now known for research and educational activities. The field station is environmentally sensitive and earth friendly using solar power and organic food.

Getting to and staying in Bladen Forest Reserve

The field station and reserve is located six miles off the highway which can be accessed by walking or private vehicle. For accommodation information, contact www.bfreebelize.net. If you donít have your own transportation, the field station and arrange for a pickup.

Activities at Bladen Forest Reserve

With almost 100,000 acres of protected area, there is no shortage of activities.

Caving and hiking: Extensive trail systems lead to caves.

Kayaking & canoeing: The Bladen River has excellent canoeing and kayaking runs from a few hours to a few days.

Snorkeling: Fresh water snorkeling in the river with tons of fish.

Swimming: Amazing swimming in the crystal clear Bladen River, deep blue pools, waterfalls, etc.

Bird watching: Over 300 species exist in this area.

Cultural Activities: Hike in the forest with a local Mayan who teaches about ethno botany and other traditional knowledge of the forest.

Volunteer Opportunities: Internships exist, see the website for more information.

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