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Aguacate Village

The village of Aguacate is an isolated Mayan community with over three hundred inhabitants (56 families) located in the Toledo District, 5 miles from Blue Creek and 35 miles west of Punta Gorda.

The main dialect of the community is Maya Kekchi with a few speaking Maya Mopan. Houses are traditionally made of thatched roof, wooden walls and earth floor with a few families having concrete buildings with zinc roofing. The community recently obtained 24-hour electricity and also a community telephone.

The livelihood of the community is basically agriculture and farmers use the traditional "milpa" system cultivating corn, beans, rice, ground food and vegetables for home consumption. The surplus is sold at the local market in Punta Gorda town on market days. Some women are involved in handicrafts and embroderies, besides doing house work such as washing clothes in the creek or river, cooking and taking care of the children.

Aguacate has a church-state primary school managed by the Roman Catholic Mission. The school has an enrollment of 105 students and 4 teachers. The community is managed by a Village Council, comprised of the Chairman and 6 councilors, that is responsible for the development of the village and an Alcalde who is responsible to keep law and order.

Aguacate is surrounded by hills and has a network of caves. The river is excellent for swimming and fishing.

The Homestay program began two years ago. Guests and host families have both benefited from the cultural exchange especially the children.

Transportation to Aguacate is available Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Bus leaves the PG Central Park area at 11:30 a.m. and arrives in Aguacate before 1 p.m. Bus leaves Aguacate at 5:30 a.m. same days. (times subject to change)

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