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Belize Recipes
No matter what your budget is, everyone has to eat while traveling the Toucan Trail. Belizean cuisine is a mix of Caribbean and Latin American flavors. Fortunately, locally grown and prepared food is abundant, healthy, easy to find and quite affordable. An outstanding variety of ethnic foods undoubtedly perks up the taste buds and leaves many travelers wishing for more. Assembled here is a growing collection of recipes submitted by participating properties for you to savor and enjoy.

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CategoriesEthnic Origins
Breads (16)Creole (16)
Breakfast (11)Garifuna (16)
Soups & Stews (19)Lebanese (8)
Salads (10)Mayan (5)
Chicken (11)Mestizo & Spanish (6)
Seafood (18)Belizean (41)
Beef & Pork (3)Other (14)
Vegetarian (18) 
Desserts (17) 
Beverages (4) 
Other (19) 
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